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Pregnant (Motion Picture)

A ‘Pop Symphony for Film’ the feature film Pregnant takes a look at technology addiction in the 21st century and the characters spiritual stagnation and mass disconnection from society.

Composed of movements depicting a trip through the mass hypnosis of a generation. Journey through a VHS mix tape, into the banks of 21st century Mondo-digital technology addiction, and the pregnant pause of the character’s existence which leads to their inner stagnation and mass disconnection from society.
With each scene depicting a personal quest for salvation, we follow a DJ shaman intent on oblivion through Clubland, a desert drifter get’s in touch with a purer world after escaping a violent cult. An actor reminiscing about his deceased child’s still birth, and a nymphomaniac developing pregnancy addiction, these counteract segments involving lazy, disillusioned anarchists – the homicidal preacher facing an existential crisis and a transfigured philosopher who’s descended into the madness of a demon psyche.
All are a springboard into the hysteria of the other side, and the cost it take to be reborn.