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Our film ‘Anarchy in the UK – The New Underground Cinema’ will be going on tour live in America as part of the new experimental cinema
TV show ‘Here Come’s Everybody’                                                


Anarchy in the usa, fabrizio federico

March 23, 2017

Film Panic, Pregnant

Experimental/Underground Cinema screening in Porto!
Film Panic Presents! PREGNANT (2015/@Fabrizio Federico) + ORPHINE (2014/@Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian)

Pregnant is a personal exploration of the world shaped by social media and the struggle to live an authentic life within it. This feature film looks at technological addiction, voyeurism, self-(un)awareness, spiritual stagnation and alienation, using the language of cinema to guide us through the experience of a consciousness seeped in this reality. It is a work of cinema that gives us a true expression of the modern condition. ”                                                                                   THE UNDERGROUND FILM STUDIO

                                   Moth Club London

In London this week the London Short Film Festival &  Scalarama bring you contemporary underground and alternative cinema. Plus panel discussion, and who doesn’t love a panel discussion! Starting 7pm at The Moth Club

Following the movie a panel exhibition hosted by Kate Taylor (London Short Film Festival co-founder, now at the BFI London Film Festival), alongside Duncan Reekie (Exploding Cinema) Anna Bogutskaya (Final Girls, Underwire, BFI), Laura Shacham (Kino London) and the film’s director Jett Hollywood.


This documentary chronicles the UK’s ‘Misrule Cinema Movement’ boom from 2010 – 2016, which exploded after the government abolished the UK Film Council. At a boiling point a young generation witnessed a backdrop of excess & greed which finally came to a head and changed the film industry forever.

”When cinema culture finally embraced rave!!” Time Out

Offbeat indie filmmakers emerged, taking the Tuition Fee riots, London Olympics, Government Hacking plus the Occupy marches in their stride and creating a DIY Film Movement unlike anything seen before. The crew’s took to the streets and captured life on their mobile phones. Frustrated filmmakers & independent film clubs ignored the industries rigid structure by building their own cinemas and staging guerrilla-style movie screenings through out the country. We bring together all the periods exciting key players in a film that brings an inspiring DIY message to the screen.


April 16, 2016

The new documentary, Anarchy In The UK by director Jett Hollywood examines the rise & rise of the UK’s Underground Cinema Movement that involves surrealism, violence and a lot of gin.  Starting from 2010 with the government cuts to the UK Film Council & the London tuition fee riots, a new wave of filmmakers and cult cinema groups shook the cinema industry cage and took to the streets to shoot guerrilla-style movies. Creating a generation gap in the film industry. This is their story.

November 13, 2015

Submissions are now open for the 1st  Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival

Thank you for your interest in submitting your film to the 1st annual free Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival // Bringing you totally wild, provocative, offbeat, challenging, naked potty and homeless films.

 To submit your work for the 2016 Festivals consideration, simply email us a YouTube link to your Feature film (must be over 40min in length) or to your Music Video (must be from a real band). 

 Please also include your production info, bio, website and film synopsis to:

December 4, 2014

Grolsch Filmworks chats about the Pink8 film manifesto and our new feature film Pregnant.  Full Article:


October 11, 2013

Little White Lies Magazine: Black Biscuit (2012)


The Pink8 Manifesto // Punk Cinema Article

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