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Cultured Vultures cover Pregnant

Cultured Vultures – Interview Link

Grolsch Filmworks, – ‘Pregnant’ Is an Assault on the Senses’

Grolsch Filmworks chats about the Pink8 film manifesto and our new feature film Pregnant.  Full Article: LINK  TO INTERVIEW


Pregnant new

Pregnant (Motion Picture)

A ‘Pop Symphony for Film’ the feature film Pregnant takes a look at technology addiction in the 21st century and the characters spiritual stagnation and mass disconnection from society. Composed of movements depicting a trip through the mass hypnosis of a generation. Journey through a VHS mix tape, into the banks of 21st century Mondo-digital […]

Black Biscuit poster 2012

Black Biscuit (Motion Picture)

The debut feature film by director Fabrizio Federico.
As featured on the BBC, Sight & Sound and Raindance Film Festival.
Part of the Pink8 manifesto / Gutter Cinema movement.

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